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Submit Coupons FAQ:

Q: The coupon I submitted doesn’t show on your website?

A: We have strict criteria on coupon quality, only those high-quality coupons will be approved and displayed on our site. Your submission could be filtered due to duplication or low quality.

Q: Can I delete or update coupons I submitted?

A: You can’t do that currently. If there’s any question about the coupons you submitted, please let us know through contact us.

Q: Is there any charge for submitting coupons on your website?

A: 100% Free. Zero Charge.

Q: How long will the coupon I submitted to be displayed on your website?

A: Our specialists will verify and update your coupons, which will take 1 to 3 days. And please note that some submissions cannot be published due to coupon quality, duplication, authority, trustworthiness, and some other reasons.