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RedmineUp is a company, which offers you specialists to design a bespoke Redmine plugin or solution, add a new feature, repair an issue you discovered, or complete another development requirement. Initially, the company created RedmineUp Cloud with an aim that is to bring simplicity to project management. After installing, you can import data and work right away. This software is highly regarded in the industry because many useful tools (Agile Board, Agile Charts, Team Management, Time Tracking, and Gantt Chart), and top-rated plugins (People, Finance, Invoices) are bundled into one app. There are 16 plug-ins, which can be downloaded separately, such as Agile plugin, Helpdesk plugin, Reporter plugin, People plugin, Drive plugin, Question plugin, CMD plugin, Mailchimp plugin, Tags plugin, Zenedit plugin, Products plugin, Checklists plugin, and many more.

Why choose RedmineUp

Around 100,000 consumers from all over the world, who are huge and successful companies such as NASA, SONY, BOSCH, Apple, IKEA, IBM, and Samsung, have trusted their goods and services for over eight years. Rich capabilities, ease of integration with Redmine, ease of use, and a nice interface are the primary reasons. RedmineUp is a company on a mission to bring the best convenience, technology, and benefits to businesses, so they understand how to be price flexible. Not only can corporations upgrade and downgrade their plans at any time, but they can also have their plans customized.

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24/7 Customer Support

2Checkout is an authorized vendor of RedmineUP products. If you encounter online payment-related issues, please contact them directly as below: 2Checkout: support@2checkout.com; Or get phone support here: https://www.2co.com/call-center-support.html4.